It’s been a little too long since we shared news of work in the social space that inspired us. Recently we stumbled across (were told about by one of our volunteers – Anita Kavaja) the thesis of Alessandro Longo, a talented, young architect who designed The Apian Tower as part of his studies at Newcastle University.

Alessandro describes the work as: a residential development with integrated allotments and communal gardens situated in Milton Court, directly north of the Barbican in central London. The apian metaphor found in Le Corbusier’s work has inspired the project from functional programme to concept. The development creates a self-sustaining community, functioning like a ‘hive’ where inhabitants live and work in the same vicinity by selling crops or ‘honey’ grown from the allotments in the market on the ground plane. The honeycomb has been used structurally and environmentally in the building’s exoskeleton for its high efficiency and large surface area as it uses TX Active concrete to clean the air through titanium dioxide. Honeycomb technology is also used to reflect and diffuse light around the building maximising use of natural daylight.






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