Our Grow systems allow you to grow crops in a simple and easy way wherever you are, even if you don’t have a garden.
Our Vertical Farms are based on hydroponic food production, a system used to grow plants without soil. Plants and vegetables are grown in natural materials that do not react with water and then fed with water that contains nutrients – direct to the roots.

By growing food using hydroponics we overcome the barrier many people face – i.e. not having access to green space or soil.

Vertical farms have other benefits:

  • Uses 90% less water than growing in soil.
  • Produces higher yields in less space.
  • Consumes less than £10/year in energy bills if run 365 days/year, 24 hours.
  • Grows a wide range of crops – lettuce, rocket, basil, watercress, spinach, strawberries, herbs…
  • Grows food in your kitchen or garden reducing food miles.

All installations are designed to specification and in line with your growing preferences.

For more information please email catalysts@littlebeecommunity.com

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